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Vertu Signature – Your Style Statement

When it comes to smartphones and technology, companies must be apt as not to be outdated in the market. This is what the Smartphone brand, Vertu has done. The firm which specializes in the production of cutting edge and high-end cellular gadgets is a subsidiary of Nokia. It has proven to be alert to what is happening, and each new season has come with a new kind of smartphone for them.

What is Vertu signature

These are smartphones that come with improved features and user experience. They are friendly to and easy to use, which leaves the users addicted to them. Maybe you have been tired of the old cellphones which have plastic and glass covers that are scratched. If you want to be different and stand out from the crowd and be not like everybody else, you should go for these smartphones. The Vertu has that excellent solution for you now. This manufacturer cum retailer has launched a new smartphone going by the name Vertu Signature. This smartphone has been launched alongside another smartphone, the Vertu signature Bentley.

Why should you choose Vertu Signature

The customers have the privilege of customizing this smartphone according to their requirements. They can choose many colours on the handset, and there are stitching options. Smartphones have always been expensive, but these devices from Vertu are super cheap. You will have to say goodbye to costly devices in the markets. The vertu signature price is affordable to the customers, and they don’t have to part with big cash as before. These smartphones have come at a time when the economy is well, and therefore, customers have no reason for not acquiring one.

Moreover, there is another smartphone launched by the brand. This smartphone is the vertu signature cobra. This smartphone is a bit expensive, but it seems this is what the customers wanted. This smartphone is named like this mainly because of its design. The company that designed the phone believes that the design is the king. This gadget includes a snake figure, and that is why it is called a vertu signature cobra. This phone is pretty cool, and having a look at it, you will agree that the customer requirement was factored in during the design. 

Usually, there are not many companies that do designs such as these but the company that designed the signature cobra designed around the customer. This is what we call building around the customer. Now you know why the phone price is premium but still sell like hotcake in the company website. The vertu signature price online on significant e-commerce websites will tell you that these gadgets are moving fast. Customers can order these phones by paying a booking price of online at $150, and they have their phones delivered via planes when they finish the total payment.

Special services offered by the device

Now let go a little deeper and talk something extra about these cool smartphones launched by the Vertu brand. These are the features that allow its devices to stand out and be different from any other gadget in the market. It has a service that allows the customers to contact company co-workers and ask them to look for things needed for the customers. These can go from room reservations during concerts to the booking of trains. Thus we can say that the Vertu device is a human assistant.

Other services provided by the company include invitations to events. This service is named as Vertu life. Another service is Vertu Certainty to which backs up all information on the device with a private cloud service

Thus if you are considering a smartphone out there, its high time you go for these cutting edge gadgets from Vertu.